I have always loved reading. In middle and high school, I could be found with my nose in a book between classes while others were flirting and primping. In a small way, I hated to turn 16 because it meant I could drive to school and didn't have the extra hour in the morning to read a few extra chapters. I love paperbacks. Hardbacks, not so much. They are heavy and cumbersome and come with dust jackets, which I loath. I adore my Kindle. I love the ease of buying books and the secrecy I can enjoy them in. No more bright pink or swarthy man-laden covers being seen and judged by cashiers for this gal!  

I quit reading for fun in college; there was just too much to do. It was a hard time after graduation–in a new city with no friends and a first husband who didn't like me very much. One day I went into a used bookstore and tripped over a display of the Dark Series by Christine Feehan. I bought each one as they came out. Because of that, if I had to pick a favorite genre it would be paranormal romance. I do read tons of other stuff. I like action and adventure, and choose paranormal, fantasy or sci-fi over everything else. If a book only has romance without all the running and chasing and fighting of vamps or dragons or cyborgs, then I'll probably pass.

I am now married to a kind, artistic, highly intelligent man, who looks like a nerdy biker. He rocks the sideburns and forearm tattoo better than anyone I've ever seen. Eric's paperback collection is one of the main reasons I married him. He had a massive amount lining the walls of his bedroom (how sexy is that!) and I knew I had to have them–and himas my own. Our wedding was aboard the Carnival Cruise Ship, the Ecstasy, and we were the only attendees save our officiant, the Justice of the Peace. It was just for us and it was perfect. I would advise more people to forget about what everyone else wants for their special day and to spend the money on a glorious honeymoon that just happens to start with a civil ceremony. It's what we did and we have no regrets. Eric is the reason I have time, and the inspiration, to write.

We have a genius daughter, Gwendolyn Ygraine, who takes the space and energy of four and may take over the world one day. Our family is further rounded out by our animals: three cats (Virgil, Trailmix and Mauvra), a Chihuahua/Terrier mix named Hitchens and several fish. I love to play card and board games and I am a sore loser– the worst. I was born and raised in East Texas and I have lived as far from home as Austin, Texas where I earned a BFA from UT in Acting with a History Minor.

Now hopefully on to why you are here. The writing. I am not the kind of person who has to write or I'll go crazy. I write because I like to. It's fun. I put superhuman characters in mundane situations and normal people in extraordinary ones. I write for me, what I enjoy writing, and what I would enjoy reading. I hope you can find something of mine to enjoy too. Thank you for visiting my site and I look forward to connecting with you.
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Favorite Books

The Hollow HillsMary Stewart
When God Was a Woman–Merlin Stone
West of EdenHarry Harrison
Graphic Novel
V for Vendetta–Alan Moore
Paranormal Romance Series
The Dark SeriesChristine Feehan
Favorite Author
Anya Bast

Favorite Movies

ComedyThe Royal Tenenbaums
Drama–Sense and Sensibility
MusicalMoulin Rouge
Horror(ish)Shaun of the Dead
RomanceBrokeback Mountain

Favorite Movie Soundtrack
Queen of the Damned

Favorite Play
Romeo and Juliet

Favorite Playwright
David Mamet

Favorite Drink
Soy Peppermint Mocha

Favorite Food
Cheese Enchiladas with 
Tomatillo Sauce

Favorite Holiday

Favorite Place
Walt Disney World

Favorite Activity
Baking or Cooking While Tipsy

Favorite Quote
If you go home with somebody 
and they don't have books, 
don't f*^% them–John Waters 
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Natalie soon after meeting her future husband.
The Happy Honeymooners—Natalie with her husband on their wedding cruise.
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