Lady Ramillia flees dangerous city life after the death of her husband for the peace and safety of her country estate as a widow. Now a mother of two, she must protect her daughter and son from the viciously greedy body-snatching Incola.

Her self-inflicted exile works…for a while.

When a member of her household is brutally murdered and an acquaintance rises from the grave with feasting on Ramillia's flesh his only thought, her sole Incola ally insists she come to London where he can surround her with superhuman guards.

Moving back solves nothing. The body count rises and each act points to Ramillia. She must behave as a proper Victorian lady, hide her daughter from discovery, find her nephew before the Pope takes him as tithe, decipher a mysterious weapon's ability, and feed her hunger for violence, all while being courted by every eligible human Englishman and Incola alike. Compounding it all, though his body is completely reduced to ash, her late husband Julian may be inhabiting another and out for revenge. Unable to find him while surrounded by his past Carriers means everyone is suspect.

Every possibility crosses her mind except the one too terrible to consider: that her Wretched Blood carry more that her genetics for immortality and one of them might be evil incarnate.
Wretched Blood by author Natalie Gibson is the first book in The Carrier Trilogy.
The evil has returned…
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The Carrier Trilogy is a gaslight-era paranormal horror series by Natalie Gibson. In this psychological thriller, friends and foes are not always what they seem. Be sure to get Hateful Burden, book one in the series.
The Books of Sinnis are a Paranormal Erotic Romance/Urban Fantasy series by Natalie Gibson written for mature readers only.
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